wordcloud praying portrait
Word prayers for the Gilleys, in the form of a prayer warrior

Please pray for us. You could use the art above as a less structured prayer guide, or our specific prayer request below.

These are some of our prayer request:

For God’s protection – that our family, especially our children, would be shielded from evil and chaos that we are not equipped to repel or redeem, that God would give us wisdom and guidance to be ready and Christ-like any all circumstances, and that we would train-up our children in the same.

To learn the language and culture – that our entire family would learn and absorb the Spanish language and Honduran culture, to better build relationship with the people in their heart-language, to rightly discern the needs of each person and more clearly articulate the truth of the gospel with love, respect, and dignity.

-For good stewardship – that our family would learn to depend on God alone, and that we would learn to be joyful with much or little. That this season would cultivate generosity and selflessness in us and our children. That we would handle our finances: record keeping, tax dealings, and donations above reproach and with wisdom. That we would make wise and right decisions with limited medical, personal and donated resources.

-To practice good medicine – and make wise medical decisions,
For God’s guidance and the skills to act decisively when necessary,
For patience and compassion to listen carefully and explain fully
For the humility to seek help
For the courage to say “yes” to what is right and “no” to what is wrong,
For the wisdom to know the difference.
For wisdom in utilizing limited resources with prudence and compassion.

To create a Godly home – that our home would be life-giving and nourishing for our family and guests. That we would invest ourselves fully in the communities where we leave, finding a home church, bible studies, friendships… That as parents we would create a virtuous culture in our home.

-Relationship with fellow missionaries – that we would live in harmony with fellow co-workers in Christ. Being humble and full of grace and respect.

Flexibility and resilience – that by the disciplines of the faith, the boundaries of right relationship, and the grace of God, we would pass through the adversity of the mission field, becoming more firmly set in the way of Jesus Christ.



Congratulations! By reading this far down the page you have shown yourself to have the  will and desire necessary to be offered a special role. If you would like to become a regular prayer warrior for our family please let us know.