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We would be honored if you would invest in us and support us in our medical mission & ministry.

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Samaritan Purse Ministry Project Account:

100% of donations sent through Samaritan Purse will be available for us to use (with certain stipulations):

  • Online: At the Samaritan’s Purse website scroll down under “Support a Missionary Doctor,” type in “Gilley” and donate.
  • Mail: Write out a check to Samaritan’s Purse with memo:
    • Nathan Gilley, Account#: 006098.
    • Mailed to:

Samaritan’s Purse Attn: Post-Residency Program
P.O. Box 3000
Boone, NC 28607

  • Phone: Call 828-262-1980 and ask to talk to a Donor Ministries Representative and donate to Nathan & Bethany Gilley, account number: 006098

Regular Supporters

We need regular support to allow us to stay on the field and serve. That means we need individuals committed to sending in support on a monthly or quarterly basis.

To let us know we can depend on your regular support there are two options:

  1. When making your first donation to the Samaritan’s Purse Ministry Project Account, mark “monthly” as shown below. DonateMonthly
  2. If you intend to give regularly but will be doing so manually, please let us know by word of mouth, or email (

What do you need financially?

Shorter Answer: Money for the family’s vaccines, travel, insurance, paperwork, and education, as well as money for medical/ministry opportunities and long-term planning

Longer Answer: Samaritan’s Purse (SP) – Post-Residency program, facilitates two different funds. The first is payed out by SP to reimburse expenses that support Nathan in his role as a medical missionary – this includes all of his travel, language school, paperwork, and a cost of living stipend that can keep the whole family housed and fed. The second fund is the Ministry Project Account and it is donor funded. You can donate into that fund and we can use that money with SP oversight to meet the majority of our family’s needs that are not covered directly by SP. Anything durable that is purchased through this fund belongs to SP and stays on the mission field to serve the next missionaries- if or when we choose to leave. Any money left over in this account at the end of our 2 years of hospital work will be rolled forward to whatever long-term mission sending agency we chose, or put to use for other SP missionaries if we chose to come home.

These are some of our family’s needs:

  • Vaccines: $4000 (Rabies, Yellow Fever, Typhoid – for all family members)
  • Travel: $2500/one-way-trip (We are uncertain how often visas or circumstances will dictate we must leave the country.)*
  • Insurance: $300/m
  • Paperwork:$4000 (visas, lawyer fees)
  • Education: $6000 language school + home schooling*
  • Long-term Planning: Our family plans to do missional underserved medical work for life. So we are trying to build a support base to allow us the option of staying on the mission field long term, as well as put money aside money for our childrens’ college*, emergency savings*, and long-term savings* as God provides.
  • Ministry Opportunities: medical equipment, patient benevolence fund,

*Parts of these and other miscellaneous expenses cannot be reimbursed from the Ministry Project Account in keeping with US tax laws and the policies of SP. For instance, only family travel that is legally required for visas or clearly needful for mission work can be reimbursed (staying extra days out of country for convenience or vacation, visiting a museum, children’s toys, et cetera could not come out of funds raised through SP).

Personal Gift

Any funds donated through our Samaritan’s purse account are reserved for clearly justified expenses that support Nathan in his role as a medical missionary. Although many of our expenses will be covered through this fund (such as our food and housing), some of our growing family’s expenses (children’s goods and education) will not be covered through this fund and are not considered tax deductible contributions. If you would like to contribute directly to those needs, we would be honored by your trust.

1606 Knox Ct
Brentwood, TN 37027

(We are considering how or if a less restrictive but still accountable/tax deductible gift might be given through a non-profit, but we have not finalized that plan.)

Thank you all,
Nathan & Bethany Gilley

P.S. If you have specific concerns or questions that have not been addressed above – or you just need to speak with us directly, you can email me at or Bethany at

The views and opinions expressed in this blog are not the views of Samaritan’s Purse or World Medical Mission.

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