A Math-er of Life and Death

Dear Mr. Fingerly (my middle school math teacher),

Thank you for all that you did to help me learn the deep joy that can be found in doing math. I vividly recall the fun we had plotting catapult trajectories and testing the load bearing limits of our tooth-prick bridges. But moreover, I remember the class where you gave us just enough guidance before pushing us to discover the FOIL principle for solving binomials independently. I remember the moment it clicked, and how I understood without being shown, what needed to be done. I believe that single success and the joy that I found in that grappling and intuition, started the process of turning me into the geek-doctor that I am today – thank you.

I also want to let you know that about once every month or so I use the fraction cross-multiplication and unit cancellation that you taught us in 7th grade (You had us use very silly made-up measurement systems) to save someone’s life.

This morning for instance, I had a critical potasium on a septic baby right as I had begun working on making breakast for my girls. I promptly abandoned the omlet I was making to its fate (but Bethany saved it and got it to Ruthy’s plate), grabbed a #2 pencil and a blank sheet of paper and then started recording my data points to begin setting up my fractions. A 8.3 kg baby needs IV potasium. The dosing is 1mEqu/kg/hr. The potasium comes in 20mEqu/10ml. How much normal saline should the potassium be diluted into and at what rate should the pump be set…

Multiply denominators and
then numerators,

check that units cancel,

cross-multiply to find the amount of dilutent and


(I did send my calculations to a colleague for confirmation before starting the drip.)

This little guy thanks you too!

So thank you Mr. Fingerly, and all my other wonderful and profoundly influential teachers. I pray that you are richly blessed in the knowledge that your lives are being and have been well spent, that you have and are doing kingdom work as you labor to light a spark in your students.

Grace & Peace,
Nathan Gilley

P.S. The title pun is especially for your enjoyment Mr. Fingerly

4 thoughts on “A Math-er of Life and Death”

  1. Your Mother was a beautiful example of doing kingdom work and I believe God is allowing her to see you doing the same.
    Thanks for your post, they are a blessing.


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