I Am Thankful Ten-Times Over.

Father God – I am thankful.

I am thankful for your loving faithfulness that gives me grace, peace, mercy and love each day anew.

I am thankful that you delayed our initial flights to Honduras, so that we canceled our visa trip – and are able to be here, in Honduras, at the mission hospital right now where I can ease into working at the hospital while we wait for Hannah to be born.

I am thankful that you expedited our Honduran Residency Status so we can stay here legally until well after Hannah is born when we receive all the documents needed to travel back to the USA with her.

I am thankful for an uneventful pregnancy thus far, that baby Hannah appears healthy, head-down, and ready to be born any day now.

I am thankful that we have plenty of food, clean water, and electricity while we wait out this country-wide quarantine.

I am thankful for a kind generous Christian community, a beautiful yard and jungle to romp about, and spacious home and that we are well.

I am thankful for Lydia’s recent confession of faith, while we were lighting our Lenten candle wreath, when, after discussing Jesus’ perfect obedience to the Father in going to the cross, she said, “I want to obey like that.”

I am thankful for the ocean breeze, for starry nights, beautiful birds, curious insects, and cute lizards.

I am thankful for donors who are supporting us despite the uncertainty they face in their own situations.

I am thankful for good coffee, great books, and hammocks.

Blessings on all of you,
Nate & Bethany


9 thoughts on “I Am Thankful Ten-Times Over.”

  1. Thankful for your update and praying for Hannah’s safe delivery! Love you all and praying God’s protection and grace! Love, Alice

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  2. What a fun thing to wake up and read! We love you guys. Pray for and talk about you a lot and would love to chat with soon. Give the girls big hugs from us!!!


  3. We miss you but I’m so thankful y’all are doing well during these crazy times. Praying for you and baby Hannah! Your family is a true blessing.


  4. Wonderful update! We are praying for sweet Hannah’s arrival. And we miss you all dearly! Congrats Lydia on your recent decision!


  5. Loved the update and sweet pictures! Thank you for sharing your heart with Jack and me. You encourage all of us to use lemons to make lemonade🙂. I’m bugging Susan to death everyday to hear if Hannah has been born! Praying for y’all each day❤️


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