Mission Brief: Honduras and Home Again.

We are the Gilley Family.
Nathan & Bethany Gilley with our 5 children!

We lived in Honduras from 2020-2022.

Hospital Loma de Luz (Light on a Hill)

To summarize our journey thus far:

2016-2019 – We moved to Murfreesboro, Tennessee (USA) for Nathan’s 3 yr residency program UT-Nashville Family Medicine Residency Program at St. Thomas Rutherford Hospital and the St. Louis Clinic.

2020-2023 – We became medical missionaries through World Medical Mission Post-Residency Program which is the medical mission arm of Samaritan’s Purse. The Post-residency program specializing in bridging the needs of mission hospitals around the globe and the calling of God on medical doctors who are completing their residency. Our journey began by moving to language school at the Spanish Institute of Honduras in Siguatepeque, Honduras. Six weeks into language school we went on a brief trip to our mission hospital (to allow Bethany to deliver our fourth baby), and while there, COVID19 struck. With the country shut-down for even internal travel, we settled into our work at the mission hospital – a rural coastal hospital near Balfate, Honduras called Hospital Loma de Luz.


Nashville Honduras
The northern marker sits over our former home in Murfreesboro, TN, USA. The southern marker sits over the mission Hospital Loma de Luz, Balfate, Honduras.

As we conclude the Post-Residency Program, we have returned to the Nashville area where we are spending some much needed make-up time with grandparents. We are homeschooling our girls, and raising up Christ-like disciples.

Selah’s Infant Dedication at the Neighborhood Church January 2023

Please keep us in prayer as we seek God’s will for the next phase of our life, and work through this time of transition.

In Christ,

Nathan & Bethany Gilley
Flinstone, Georgia
October, 12, 2022

The views and opinions expressed in this blog are not the views of Samaritan’s Purse or World Medical Mission.

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